JSD Temporary Weekly Timetable - Autumn Term - Sept - Dec 2020

JSD Spring Term Dates

Term Starts – week commencing Monday 11th January


Term Ends – after classes on Thursday 1st April


Please Note: All Singing/Piano and Lamda Lesson are continuing online this term
Please Note: Baby Classes age 2-4yrs postponed until January 2021
For more information regarding classes and our covid secure procedures please contact us – enquiries@joannaschoolofdance.co.uk

Main Studio

4.15pm G4 & G5 Ballet
5:00pm G6 Modern (1)
5.45pm *Cleaning*
6.00pm Contemporary
6.45pm Grade 5 Tap
7.30pm Grade 6 Modern (2)
8:15pm *Cleaning*
8:45pm Finish

Main Studio

5:00pm Performing Arts
6.15pm *Cleaning*
6:30pm Private Lesson
7.00pm *Cleaning*
7:30pm Finish

Main Studio

4:00pm Grade 3 Modern
4:45pm Grade 2 Tap
5:15pm Lyrical
5:45pm Grade 2 Ballet
6:15pm *Cleaning*
7:30pm Morris Dancing
9:30pm *Cleaning*
10:00pm Finish

Studio 1

4.00pm Vocational Modern
4.45pm Senior Contemporary
5.30pm Vocational Tap
6.15pm G6/Inter Ballet
7.15pm Pointe Class
7:45pm Fab Abz
8.00pm Senior Tech Ballet
9pm *cleaning*
9:30pm Finish

Main Studio

4:00pm Primary/G1 Ballet
4:30pm G1 Modern
5:00pm Primary/G1 Tap
5:30pm *Cleaning*
7:00pm Private Lesson
8:00pm *Cleaning*
8:30pm Finish

Studio 2

3:45pm Private Lesson
4:15pm *Cleaning*
4:30pm Private Lesson
5:00pm *Cleaning*
5:30pm Finish

St John’s Stoke Church Hall

9:00am  Lyrical
9:30am   G5 Modern
10:15am G4 Ballet
11:00am G3 & G4 Tap
11:45am *Cleaning*
12:00pm  Finish

JSD Bubble 1-Main Studio

9:30am Lyrical
10:00am G3/4 Modern
10:45am G2 & G3 Ballet
11:30am G2 & G3 Tap
12:00pm *Cleaning*
12:30pm Finish

JSD Bubble 2-Main Studio

12:30pm G1 & G2 Tap
1:00pm G2 Modern
1:30pm G1 Ballet
2:00pm *Cleaning*
2:30pm Finish

JSD Bubble 3-Main Studio

2:30pm Junior Class
3:30pm *Cleaning*
4:00pm Finish

Main Studio

9.30am  DDE Ballet
11.15am DDE Tap
1:00pm  DDE Modern
2:30pm *Cleaning*
3:00pm Finish