Joanna School of Dance

Drama and Performing Arts

The Joanna School of Dance has a lot to offer its pupils in a varied programme.

Exam classes

Youth Theatre

Performing Arts

For exam classes we use the syllabus for the London Academy of Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

Classes are one hour per week and exams are taken in London. You will perform solo pieces and duologues, as well as group work during your class. You will also be given pieces to rehearse for your exam. This is a lively class with lots of talent and spirit.

You may like to join our Youth Theatre Class. This is also a very lively class where the pupils study and perform a different script each term and perform in three or four different drama festivals per year. We have entered the following drama festivals: the Electric Theatre, Guildford; the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking; and The Playhouse, Elmbridge. The Joanna School of Dance and Performing Arts have won lots of trophies and our pupils really enjoy this class.

This is a three-hour class on a Saturday afternoon for pupils who would like to sing, dance and act. Each term we choose a musical theatre piece to study. The pupils perform the whole production at the end of each term (12 weeks) to their parents and guests. During the 12 weeks they learn dance routines and songs from the show as well as act out the script.

Performances have included Barnum, Bugsy Malone and, for Christmas, Aladdin.

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Home Genie Theatrical Agency Theatrical Productions